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1. HTTP Status Codes
(General/Visitor Help)
HTTP Status Codes If you receive an HTTP error code when using our site, please read this article for advice.  ...
2. HTTP Status Codes
(General/Author Services)
HTTP Status Codes    HTTP Status Code Descriptions - Click Code in List for Details. Details were extracted from RFC's (Request For Comments) and related documents.  To ...
3. Author Guidelines
(General/Author Services)
McCormick Family Author Guidelines   We are pleased that you have chosen to participate as an Author.  To request Author Status you must have an approved registration and send us an ...
4. Requesting Author Status
(General/Author Services)
Requesting Author Status   If you wish to submit articles for publishing email us here.   Include your User Name, Email Address, and the type of articles you wish to submit.  ...
5. Site Introduction
... you to apply for Author status and share what you know about the families we are presently documenting.  If you are on a branch of our tree that could be added, let us know.  We can ...
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